The ULTIMATE Way to Host

Automated and impactful

livestream campaigns.

Advertising on UpliftU gets received better by the streamer’s audience and is highly scalable with automated content distribution and analytics.

Run a campaign, tailored to your product and audience


75% of gamers use AdBlock on PC, making them nearly impossible to reach with platform integrated advertisement.


Automated- overlay and chat bot assure that every banner and chat message is correct.


Choose how long your campaign should run and how much you want to spend.

We know what data you need!

As marketing experts, we know how important insightful analytics are to you.
Track campaign performance in real time and export it to the tools you use.

Tracked links

We track your campaign link and report exactly how many users clicked on it while your campaign was running.

Set Campaign budgets and actively monitor spending

When creating your campaign, set how much you want to spend and you will see an estimation of how many Impressions you will get.

Platform share

UpliftU supports Twitch, Facebook and YouTube live streams.

Streamers that joined your campaing

Every campaign activation is saved in your dashboard, including videos of how the campaign was excecuted and how the audience reacted.

Simple setup with full control

Choose budget And reach

Decide how much you want to spend and immediately see an estimation on how big of an audience you will reach.

UPLoad campaign content AND Streamer Brief

Choose what the streamer should include in his title and what our bot should post in the chat. If you have any special requirement, create a brief.


At what time and date your campaign starts or ends is totally your choice.


When you are done, post the campaign. Our team will optimize it and find the best streamers to showcase your brand.


Get in touch now and start your first campaign!