Automated and impactful livestream campaigns

Advertising on UpliftU gets received better by the streamer’s audience and is highly scalable with automated content distribution and analytics.

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We Help Brands Create Genuine Connections with a New Generation


Advertisements on UpliftU only take up a small part of the stream, and don’t interrup the viewing experience.

Resulting in higher acceptance by the viewers.


Content cannot be blocked by ad blocking tools.

Making it possible to reach a totally new audience.


Livestream viewers are fully engaged and will see the full legth of an advertisement.

Resulting in a higher CTR and top of mind.

All insights in a powerful platfrom

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We Run a Campaign, Tailored to Your Product and Audience

UpliftU is not just a platform, but your partner when it comes to livestream advertisement.

Quick campaign setup

UpliftU provides you with many different campaign types based on the goal of your campaign.

Media partner

Good content is at the heart of most campaigns. We help consult and even create the best animations.

Managed for you

We take care of picking the right talent for your campaign and our platform takes care of the rest.

Trusted expertise

With 10+ years of experience in gaming and marketing, we know how to make your brand stand out.

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